The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax

In June of 2007 a youtube user later revealing himself as Svector, posted a video of a stagehand picking up something off the ground near the Apollo 16 spacecraft. He later claims it was all a “social experiment” to see how gullible people are, and how easily they accept conspiracy theories.

But now, it seems, this video is proving to be a double hoax. Based upon my detailed examination of that footage, it would appear that the video which he uploaded is actually authentic!! This video shows a slightly different angle, it does not have lense spots on it like the official NASA video, and it is a sharper video overall. That means that he could not have superimposed a video composite of himself over the NASA videos, since HIS video proves to be a higher quality original than the official NASA videos, So, there can be no doubt — this video is NOT a hoax, but the later retraction by Svector is what constitutes the true hoax!!

Svectors footage can be found at

He only has two videos and is obviously another disinfo agent. Strangely, there are other disinfo agents who claim that NASA not only has never sent anyone to the moon, but add that they have not even sent anyone into orbit. This is also a deception, because NASA is using the shuttle program to put satellites into orbit so that they can bring in their “technocracy” called their “New Atlantis” or New World Order.

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How Difficult Was This Mission?


By sceptimatic

Ok, so I’ll explain it all and see if it all makes sense to you all. Now bear in mind, I’m not after a tit for tat dig fest, I just want you all to understand just what has to happen for all these missions to have succeeded.

First of all, as we know, the two stages of the rocket, jettison. Fair enough, they can have that bit.
Next, the lunar module has to jettison whilst still inside the rocket casing. So there’s 3 separations right there.
Next is the command and service module to be separated from the escape rocket at the top, so now we have 4 separations. Fair enough?
Now all that in itself is getting to be the stuff of magic…but let’s roll on.

You see! The escape rockets’ purpose was to ignite and drag the command module cone away from the rocket in the event of a failure, either before launch or just after. How in the hell this would be achieved, is anyones guess.
Ok, moving on:

This very same escape rocket still has to jettison away from the command module cone without taking it with it, once in orbit.  How this is done, is another piece of magic. All of it has to be explosive bolts right?
Now here’s the key:

The lunar lander has been jettisoned INSIDE the rocket shell casing, so it cannot be under any directional force, as it’s folded up and secure.
The command module, now minus it’s escape rocket top has to go and catch the encased lander and dock with it. Now remember! The lander is free flying or floating or whatever you want to call it and it’s under no directional control so theoretically it could spin or twist or anything after jettison. The video shows otherwise…BUT! I ask you!

Somehow, it’s being videod from somewhere in the command cone. Through an angled window? Maybe?
So now, it has to dock with the lander still inside this rocket shell. Remember this, it’s important.

Ok, so it docks! Now then! We can assume sensibly that the lander is not simply sloshing about inside this rocket casing. I mean, it’s been sitting vertical as the rocket launched so it has to be secured from the inside of the rocket shell.
The question is! How does it release to allow the command module to undock it and get it out of that rocket casing?
Do you see the amount of unreal stuff that’s required and this is before they even set off for the moon.
I mean, does the command module just pop the lander out like pushing a cork through a tube or pulling it out? And what release mechanism allows the lander to un-anchor, plus who is doing it?

That, folks, is before they do anything other than look at the moon. Does anyone really believe that would be plausible today, let alone in 1969?…Seriously be honest, don’t just say, ” well it must be, because they did it 6 times.”
Have a serious think about it.

Even allowing for all that magic, they then travel to the moon, un-dock the lander and about turn it to drop down to the moon.
The lander then has to split apart by once again, explosive bolts to release the top part to fly back up and catch the command module,then once again, dock.

Once that feat is done. The command module undocks the top part of the lander and heads back to Earth, then jettisons the service part of the module to leave the cone to free fall through the atmosphere without tumbling or anything and then somehow jettison the lid to then jettison the parachutes to arrest the fall and splash into the sea.