Elon Musk Companies, are they are just scams?


I have been interested in some of the ideas that Elon Musk has, so I have l been looking into his companies. I have come to the conclusion that many of them are nothing more than scams. SpaceX isn’t a real independent company considering it survives almost exclusively on government contracts. Not really that big of a deal but it not a real market company. Tesla, again it doesn’t make any money based on the sales of it cars however it makes money by selling carbon credits, again a tie to government bullshit.

Then we come to Solar City, the company that “leases” solar panels to home owners via the power company. The whole business plan is to have people go door to door selling leases and then getting home owners to sign over their government rebates. It just seems like he doesn’t have any real businesses that can make money with out some form of subsidy either directly from or mandated by the government.

I don’t necessarily object to having government contracts or using government subsidies, hell I do a lot of this as well, just seems like these companies shouldn’t be the darlings that they are.


Laughable Mars One Scam Exposed

medium.com / By Elmo Keep / 3-16-2015

Many other problems with the project were explored in depth in the Matter story I wrote in November. Nearly all of them — such as the small pool of applicants — continue to be ignored by the media.

But some cracks are emerging now. Reports emerged that the contract with the TV production company Endemol — which Mars One claimed could bring in up to $6 billion in revenue — was no longer in place and that the companies had gone their separate ways. And last month the Nobel laureate and theoretical physicist Gerard ’t Hooft — previously listed as an “advisor” to the project — put a realistic timeframe for a crewed mission to Mars at 100 years from now, not 10.

The organization did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

So, here are the facts as we understand them: Mars One has almost no money. Mars One has no contracts with private aerospace suppliers who are building technology for future deep-space missions. Mars One has no TV production partner. Mars One has no publicly known investment partnerships with major brands. Mars One has no plans for a training facility where its candidates would prepare themselves. Mars One’s candidates have been vetted by a single person, in a 10-minute Skype interview.


The space travel hoaxes 1959-2015

The space travel hoaxes 1959-2015 – introduction

Many people believe human beings can be sent up in space … and return alive on Earth. Here I explain why that silly thing is not possible. All information about human space flights since 1959 is media fakery propaganda paid for by USA (NASA). Gravity assist kicks in space are also not possible

Summary: I explain how human space travel to the Moon, around Earth or anywhere in outer space is not possible but that rockets actually work in vacuum. I hope you will learn something new studying my info. The US/NASA foolish Moon trips 1969-1972 were simple propaganda mischievous tricks created in Hollywood studios to entertain us using useless US navy/air force pilots as actors, etc., like all NASA Mercury and Gemini trips just around the Earth a little earlier. Reason is simple; it is not possible to get away from planet Earth, land on and take off from the Moon and later make a re-entry and land on Earth again using a thin plate capsule after any space trip – you are too heavy to start with and going too fast and you will simply burn up as you cannot brake or reduce speed in the strong gravity field pulling you down. Same applies to any Shuttle or Soyuz or Dragon capsule, if you visit the International Fake/Space Station. Therefore only cosmo clowns have flown to the Moon or around Earth in space or visited the International Fake Station, IFS, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes. It is all a hoax. Imagine if the US public finally learns it? That it has been fooled for more than 50 years by NASA & Co … and the European Space Agency … and the media. This Elon Musk clown, owner of the SpaceX company feeding the IFS 2015 (and making a few expensive electric cars that catch fire) is just another US government approved fraud of US taxpayers’ money in the long line privately taking over after NASA supported by many poor physicists and rocket engineers that cannot find real jobs. Apart from this Virgin Galactic one hour in space joke. It cannot ever return. Or this Rosetta hoax incl. gravity assist kicks keeping some German/Swiss pseudoastrophysicists busy September/November 1993-2014. They found water in space 2014! The 5 December 2014 NASA Orion spacecraft is also not real.

Warning for pseudo science

Have you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? He was the inventor of pseudo science around 1930! Stalin loved him.

Many persons visiting my popular web pages about (i) Atomic bombs 1945-2015, (ii) Moon landings 1969-1972 (this one!), (iii) M/S Estonia incident 1994, (iv) destructions of WTC towers at NY 911 2001 and (v) re-entries from the Moon and/or the International Space Station, ISS, 2015, get very upset about these silly things. They have learnt something else about them at school or college (cost US$ 60 000:-/year in USA) or university or from the media than what I present, so they evidently feel angry. Some hate me for disturbing their costly circles. But they should be happy. I am just a very friendly person trying to clear up confusion:

(i) Atomic bombs were and are just propaganda. There is no evidence that they worked 1945 or later. The atomic bomb was invented by an American Robert O Lyssenko – a cousin of Trofim!

(ii) No Moon landings ever took place 1969 and later because humans cannot travel in space. It was just a clever and funny US/Hollywood show put together by Buzz Lyssenko. A nephew of Trofim!

(iii) M/S Estonia never lost its visor but sank due to hull leakage. The Swedish government invented a fairy tale 1994 to hide the true facts, faked a scientific research program 2005-2008 to clarify matters and it is very serious. Why did it do it? Anyway, Börje S Lyssenko assisted. A child of Trofim!

(iv) The WTC towers were never hit by planes 911 as no structure can collapse from top down. The show was invented by Clinton W Lyssenko. US authorities and Tex W Lyssenko suggest that a structure can collapse from top down and that is serious too encouraging terrorism that way. It is very easy to fool people, e.g.

(v) that human beings can return to Earth by a fast re-entry after a visit to the Moon or to the International Space Station, ISS. It is not possible. There is no way to reduce speed of the return vehicle, so the ISS and Moon travel are just stupid hoaxes to confuse. Re-entry was invented by Buzz Lyssenko – see (ii) above.

Too many persons believe in old media and government lies of all kind, i.e. pseudo sciences taught at schools, expensive colleges and universities and get very upset, when they realize, by studying my info, how they have been fooled and then some hate … me. A German admirer of mine explains why here (in German)! Hate is a bad feeling. Better is to love me, even if I just want to be helpful free of charge.

When historical fiction becomes more truthful than historical fact, it makes you wonder who is directing the silly manipulations of the masses that then hate me. Who, apart from media, are promoting all these Lyssenkos of atomic bombs since 1942, human space travel since 1961, a Baltic ferry losing its visor 1994, NY skyscrapers disappearing in smoke 911 2001 and plenty humans easily dropping down on Earth from space – re-entry – without any difficulties since 1960’s? What kind of human beings are creating this shit? And why? Answer! Money! Tax payers money.

I write for people who can think for themselves and need some friendly back up! I try to be simple and funny also. I, being a sceptic using my critical thinking, do actually understand that intelligent human beings 2015 can believe in human space travel 1961, 1969 or 2069! They are simply brain washed.

If you ask Google “is space travel possible for humans”, Google will direct you to 100’s of sites suggesting human space travel is possible … and this as only site explaining it is not possible.

If you ask Google “why space travel is not possible for humans”, this site is #1 with a few other sites only suggesting various difficulties. There are very few sites, like this one, demonstrating that human space travel is not possible for simple physical reasons. Reason is that most people are brain washed to believe in human space travel.

Manfred Lindinger of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, FAZ, therefore thought 31 May 2015 on the front page of FAZ that German astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency, ESA, had just flown up to the International Space Station, ISS, from the remote Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in the desert steppe of Kazakhstan, about 200 kilometres (124 mi) east of the Aral Sea. All manned Russian spaceflights are launched from Baikonur. If they are real is never confirmed.

Elon Musk with his SpaceX’ Dragon re-entry capsule – that does not work. The Dragon is according Elon equipped with, apart from a PICAX heat shield at the bottom, hidden rocket engines that slow down the capsule at re-entry. The fuel tanks are also hidden. At low speeds parachutes are deployed. They are hidden in the top of the capsule. The capsule is 100% computer controlled so people inside do not have to do anything but watch. Brain washed Americans apparently believe the nonsense and pay Elon billions to keep the illusion going. Elon invests the money to make electric cars.

Lindinger is just a stupid representative of the Lügenpresse (media that lie) and does not understand that manned spaceflights are not possible, that all past human space flights are fake and that the ISS is just a totally fake International Fake Station, IFS! You can see it at regular intervals passing high up (~350 000 m) at high speed (~7 500 m/s) just before sun set, but it is just a big empty satellite – a silver balloon with diameter say 200 meter. Watch this video! Imagine NASA sending up an empty silver balloon in space to fool people!

It is impossible to get down, doing a re-entry, from the IFS or space alive using any Dragon or Soyuz capsule. ESA has therefore stopped recruting European cosmo clowns or idiots since 2008, even if its web site still suggest that ESA hires astronuts 2015. The training consisted of learning to lie, to act, to swim (many videos of people floating in space are made in a swimming pool) and to promote the lies of US Moon travel 1969-1972. Imagine a European agency 2015 promoting US (and Russian) lies and fake re-entry capsules. What a stupid joke. It is not funny any longer. Anyway, Alexander Gerst did a fake re-entry on 10 November 2014 in a fake Soyuz capsule and, conveniently, landed close to the remote, ultrasecret Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazahkstan. FAZ should ask Alexander Gerst how it was done (faked!) and report on the front page.

Apparently Alexander Gerst stepped into the fake Soyuz capsule at 350 000 m altitude and at 7 500 m/s speed. The capsule has tangential velocity 7 500 m/s in orbit around Earth – like the IFS, we are told. Then a fake rocket was fired, so that the capsule lowered altitude … and the speed was increased. Rocket engine and fuel consumption are not clear – where was the fake fuel stored in the capsule? And the fake rocket engine? At 122.000 m altitude the capsule entered the very thin upper atmosphere (where meteorites burn up) at a almost horizontal speed say 7 850 m/s. The Russian capsule magically did not burn up in the thick atmosphere. It is protected by a magic heat shield that cannot burn. Some way or another – FRICTION – the capsule slowed down by friction and turbulence to

But the boring ESA show must go on … and on! Next in the long line to participate in the dull ESA fraud December 2014 is the Italian prostitute Samantha Cristoforetti and then, 2015 a Danish male will prostitute himself as a cosmoclown – Andreas Mogensen. I really feel sorry for these persons selling themselves, bodies and souls, to be used by the perverse ESA. But as media presents them as honest heroes, what can I do? I just watch it and report it here.

Sweden or Rymdstyrelsen, i.e. the Swedish National Space Board is part of the hoax! Its superstar Christer Fuglesang has visited space several times and then made succesful re-entries, it has told me. A clown at Rymdstyrelsen has also told me that he and colleagues had even been invited to see Christer take off from Florida in a US Shuttle – at 10 kilometers distance – and later – seen from a distance – land with another Shuttle on Earth somewhere = evidence that it took place. These Swedish fools do not understand that it is just a show! Or they do, but shut up to collect wages and pension benefits, etc.

In October 2014 the US Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office – not run by NASA but by space magician Randall G. Walden – informed that they had – top secret – sent another Shuttle like space ship – the X-37B unmanned space ship – into space many years earlier orbiting Earth – like the IFS – and that it had just made its third succesful re-entry (animation right) without heat shield and landed. It will soon be sent into orbit again! It is apparently another US hoax based on another 50 years old hoax. Evidently no X-37B ever was in space! It is just a fake video of a rocket taking off and a mock up of the space ship on Earth.

Doesn’t cost much. But not funny. Just stupid. Invented by not very clever science fiction writers. You should ask Alexander Gerst, if he saw the X-37B when he was up there … on the ESA resort at Sochi or whereever, Hawaii, waiting to show up again. Ask Alexander about his sun tan! What a stupid job – cosmokraut!

Hawai space training house

Talking about Hawaii there are eight astrohawaiians training for space travel/living there. I have recommended them to study this web page, when they are locked into the bubble left before taking off to Mars.

If you have read the above, I hope you will read the rest below. Hopefully you will then realize that no space travel of any kind is possible. You cannot carry the fuel/energy with you to maneuver – accelerate, brake, change direction, etc. – in space. You cannot ever leave planet Earth with a spacecraft. You can only send satellites one way into space – mostly orbiting Earth. Of course plenty people have another opinion, generally in order to get rich on Earth, but you can easily ignore them.
Just laugh at them. And particularly at this Elon Musk clown selling expensive electric cars … or rather giving them away for free … to promote his human space travel frauds. I am amazed that FBI, Interpol, media, etc., have not understood it.

But didn’t NASA launch its light weight 8.5 ton Orion* spacecraft/capsule into space 5 December 2014 and it splashed down* in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles south of San Diego, CA, after two orbits around Earth and a re-entry the same day? As re-entries are impossible, the Orion is just another magic trick of NASA to keep the illusion alive. The rocket is a model and the capsule is dropped from a plane. No magic at all! Just a cheap trick invented in the 1960’s. I have asked Mr Brandi K. Dean (JSC-AD931)” <brandi.k.dean@nasa.gov> of NASA about a log of the 5 December Orion flight with speed (m/s), course (°) (horizontally), position (lat/long on Earth below), altitude (m) – say every 5 or 10 minutes – from start to splashdown to include in my popular web page http://heiwaco.com/moontravel.htm, but Mr Dean has replied:

We can’t provide that information because it would reveal information that ULA considers proprietary for the Delta V.

It is clear that NASA cannot provide any evidence that the Orion ever flew anywhere in space above Earth. Orion can only carry four persons to the Moon we are told but lacks fuel to land on and depart from the Moon. According NASA Orion will soon fly to planet Mars, though! The Orion spacecraft and its first flight test will help make it possible. The Journey to Mars is humanity’s Next Giant Leap into our solar system according NASA. You wonder what brainwashed twirps write and believe such nonsense? The heavy weight 78 ton Shuttle was a more impressive hoax. It too never visited space. The NASA web pages linked* to above are really poor and the only evidences of any trip are fake footage and cartoons of poor quality!

Maggie Lieu is a model for the Mars One 2015 hoax

Here is left the latest European space hoax 2015!

A Dutch one! Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Human settlement on Mars is possible today with existing technologies. Mars One’s mission plan integrates components that are well tested and readily available from industry leaders worldwide.

“The first footprint on Mars and lives of the crew thereon will captivate and inspire generations; it is this public interest that will help finance this human mission to Mars.”

Plenty people believe this silly nonsense.