Watch this in and you will see why man made or artificial satellites are absurd.   Whatever we are seeing up there is not what we’ve been told. The explanations we’ve been given are for children. Galileo was a liar. Copernicus was wrong. The information is online if you search. The winter solstice shows the heliocentric model flawed. Its nonsense. Modern cosmology is patchwork of fallacy. Its a house of cards like the rest of this canard. This is how the world was sold and LOST in “space” back in the 1950’s. The whole world is Disneyland. The jokers laugh at us. What ‘magic’ (as in illusion or stage magic) do we see?

Walt himself went out of his way to show off all the wonderful world of technology he created to make us believe cartoons were really moving. What we’ve been watching are basically live action cartoons. This is what we call the “MATRIX”. or “AUGMENTED REALITY”. Nothing is new. Oil paintings used to be used to sell one on myth and artifice. Words have meaning. Especially in Latin. Language is very important, you can see why we are not let in on that magician trick either. Word of mouth used to be the medium of BULL-oni propagation, back before one knew what was over the next hill. Now we have the web of the cloudy internet to look at.

Luckily for us, there’s two sides to this sword. This screen can be used as a gate. The gate is unlocked. You keep you inside the pen with all the sheep. The gatekeepers show you where the way out is. Hints have been given for years. The elite (an el-ite?) know the end is coming and have prepared for a long time, I’d wager. Listen to the music they have used to charm the masses and realize the lyrics have been telling you the truth, hidden in metaphor, the whole time. The artists might get paid, and might sign on the dotted line, but they side with the masses more often than not. And they point to the way out of the trap like a gatekeeper has to, by definition.

The elite ‘roll out’ their contrived commercial products on a yearly basis. Back then it was space as product to sell to the masses. An opiate. A fiction to believe in like Santa Claus. Pushed by what “WE” can accomplish. But there is no “WE” in the corporate entity we know as the “USA”. Its all set up. There is no real capitalism, its feudalism really. Its all rigged behind the scenes. Disney is one part of the hydra. Don’t believe what you see on screens.

When viewing this, turn the sound down or off. The voice over is there to convince you what you are seeing is real. This is the trick and this is mind control. This is MK Ultra. Its called advertising. Its hypnosis. You have been conditioned to accept this as real. Verner Von Braun the evil SS NAZI space guy is an actor. None of it was real. Walt Disney was not a monster or satanist who hired NAZIs. I think that story as phony as the rest. These people are performing for the cameras. Dress a guy in a white lab coat and the masses will think he’s as smart as Einstein…who is another fraud.