Skull – Cry Die

I look up to di sky
Can you tell me why? (Can you tell me why?)
I don’t wanna see you die
I just wanna see your smile (baby)

Mi look up inna di sky me can’t see clear
Blue skys a gone and white lines appear
Dem seh it’s natural
Mi naw believe dem!
Dem seh it’s vital
Mi naw listen to dem!

Something strange is going on
Feel it in my heart, sensing something strong
Gotta save the future (put the rumors to rest)
Gotta help the children (Gotta) give it our best
Can’t stand around and be blind to the facts
Can’t tek no more, how can we relax

We want the truth… give us the truth!
We want the truth … gotta save our youth!
We want the truth … give us the truth
Unite as one to bring out the proof!

Living on earth
We must respect di earth
Human and animal
We all deserve
The right to peace and opportunity
But nowadays, we’re blind – we can’t see
Hidden agendas, we can’t surrender
Our children our future – we must remember!