They really did go to the moon!


Solitary’s twinkle (whoa)
Ice way pinkle (whoa)
10 flight pringle all the 10,000 single (whoa)
Dress it up and mail it (whoa)
Bag it up and sell it (whoa)
Started out finessin’ (whoa)
Ended up finessin’ (whoa)
I got (brr) and my ear (whoa)
Got (brr) wrap my neck in the cold (whoa)
Remix remix like whoa (whoa)
Got the whole club hollin’ out (whoa)
Had to take the trip (whoa)
Million dividends (whoa)
All black lens (whoa)
Cash out on the Benz (whoa)
Come through like skrrrrt on loud (whoa)
Im always turnin’ up (whoa whoa)
Ain’t gone never turn down (whoa)
VV’S in my wrist (whoa)
And they smell like fish (whoa)
1 to the sky 5 fingers that’s the sixth (whoa)

I’m gone to the moon
I’m gone to the moon
I’m gone to the moon
I float like balloons