Tomorrowland – NASA fanboy pile of excrement!

So many god forsaken questions are asked in Tomorrowland. It’s always Why are we doing this? Why can’t we do that? What’s Happening? What’s Going On? Who in the hell are they? What is that? So on and so on. This is one of the most tiresome and annoying movies of 2015 and for good reason. The whole movie is a mess. From it’s crappy acting to crappy story, there is no hope once the first quarter of the movie is over.

I was also disappointed. This is one of the best concepts I have seen in a long time and to see it used in such tripe is cringe worthy. First off, the movie begins with traveling to an amazing world. It has a great visuals design and lots of creativity and it’s a good looking utopia. We then have a girl named Casey finding a rare demo pin used to transport people to the titular world and now she is on the run with an angry George Clooney and little robot girl. Also, Hugh Laurie is the villain. Just saying.

The concept is amazing and it’s just plain sad to see it not used enough. Basically, the whole point of the movie is to show that we are coming to the point in history where the world will turn into a dystopia. But we can change that if we all can come together. That’s Great! I love the concept because I totally agree. But instead, the whole movie is done so poorly that it is too busy doing it’s biggest flaw.

The flaw of Asking Questions. I know people need to get information out of people to make the plot go on. It’s necessary. But when you’re making a movie, you have to ask questions once in a while when something big happens or when something is about to be revealed. NOT EVERY 10 FREAKING SECONDS! The problem also is that they are unnecessary! Very! But they keep asking them anyways and it gets really annoying!

The movie’s climax is awful. The whole battle scene that ends the movie takes place in an empty deserted place with two big robots, one laser gun and a teleporter that leads back to Earth. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!? Why not some place more lively?  I mean, this was really the best you could come up with?

I’m sad and angry that this film doesn’t succeed in what it’s trying to tell us even though it is clear. I’m not surprised at why this movie flopped. This is so far the worst film of the year. Stay away from this garbage. What was Brad Bird thinking?! Disney can do so much better.

The future ain’t what it used to be, says Tomorrowland, and it says it again and again. There’s a plot, but it’s slight, and it’s structured in such a lackadaisical way that the film’s stakes don’t even become clear until the third act (there’s actually a joke about this in the movie’s opening, which is the first part of a wrap-around, and which feels mandated by the studio in an desperate attempt to give the film some structure). Young Frank Walker goes to the 1964 World’s Fair with a semi-functional jetpack he has designed on his farm, and he enters it into a science project competition that gets him the attention of a mysterious young girl named Athena, and which gains him access to the transdimensional dreamworld known as Tomorrowland, or more correctly John Galtville. Then the movie jumps forward to today, to a world fifty years later that is ugly and falling apart and that has lost all hope. The space program has been shut down and everybody’s watching post-apocalypse films and everything sucks. It’s our world.

This is the world in which Casey Newton lives, but she’s a dreamer. She’s hopeful. She’s committing sabotage on the project that is dismantling the launch platforms at Cape Canaveral. And this gets her noticed by a mysterious young girl named Athena, who gives her a button that, when she touches it, gives her visions of the tomorrow of Tomorrowland. She starts to pursue it, and she ends up with Frank, now a bitter old man who has been kicked out of paradise. Then they fight some robots and shit explodes at the end.